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My name is Dustin Sneath -- I'm 29 years old, a 5-year resident of Itasca, and I am running for Itasca Village Board in the 2021 Consolidated Election (April 6).

As an I.T. Professional working in local government, I know the importance of innovation but also recognize the limited budgets we need to work with. I recognize the need to keep up with regular maintenance, and that the least expensive option is preferred but not always the most effective solution.

I believe in reducing government to the smallest effective size, while also maintaining a positive morale among staff. I believe in outsourcing where it is effective, but also in trusting internal professionals to accomplish the unique tasks that come with working in a municipality.

As a leader in the movement to oppose Haymarket Center's move into Itasca, I have repeatedly pointed out the financial challenges that our small Village and other taxing bodies could face as a result of such a large, resource-intensive entity moving into our town, and generally oppose removing previously tax-generating properties from the rolls which shifts their burden onto residents and nearby businesses.

I support organic tax revenue generation through business-friendly policies and fair application of building codes. I oppose the use of Village power to interfere in private business transactions by becoming a buyer or seller for the purpose of blocking an undesirable development, while supporting the appropriate use of the zoning process where necessary.

Finally, I support transitioning Itasca to a Home Rule community as a means of protecting us from unchecked State power, provided a binding resolution barring any tax increase or introduction of new taxes for a period of 5 years is agreed to by the rest of the board and the Mayor.

I thank you again for visiting. If you would like a yard sign or would like to volunteer, please reach out with this form. If you would like to donate, click here.

Most importantly, remember to VOTE in the April 6, 2021 Consolidated Election!

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Understand the Mission

Business-Friendly Community Development

Take advantage of the local business climate and encourage organic tax revenue growth by asking businesses "How can we help?", rather than "What will you change for us?"

Streets, Flooding, and Infrastructure

Make meaningful investments in infrastructure to reduce flooding, improve street conditions, and extend the lifespan of taxpayer-funded projects.

Taxes and Fees

Avoid unnecessary tax increases on residents and business owners by finding every efficiency available, while encouraging business growth and new development to expand the tax base.